Sunday, April 26, 2009


I am now liking a fashion brand that I saw in Parkson in Gurney Plaza. What caught my eye is its distinct and original style. Fresh, fun and funky. The mix of its fabric and pattern are sooo interesting. Oh I know, Basil will complain if he sees me wearing something like this; but it's the design, my dear.

I also saw two Desigual stores in Singapore. I really hate myself for wanting to go back to the one near our hotel because they have a sale, only that I was not able to return.I wonder if they have this in the Philippines already? Although now I'm thinking: the designs are so different and so.. It's either it'll look good on you or it won't.. So better try it on first...

Friday, April 24, 2009

Doctor Fish/Fish Spa

How would you like to be nibbled on by hundreds of small fish, hungrily devouring your ugly looking dead skin cells? This is the latest addition to the Spas around the world. Fish spa or fish therapy. We have tried this in New World Park, Penang ..

It was a little strange at first especially the thought of dipping your feet with many strangers, who might not only have thick callouses but skin problems as well. However, as I look around they seem to have a continuous in-flow of fresh water and the staff said that they have a special UV light system to eliminate impurities such as bacteria and germs in the water. Well, okay...

We couldn't help but laugh and squeal the first 15 minutes.. it's so ticklish!! Whenever they start swarming to my feet, its either I pull my feet out or squeal. But afterwards we got used to it. And there I was wishing they eat all the dead skin cells and soften the callouses that I have been trying to put petroleum jelly on whenever I can, and the countless foot spas I had. i wish this is the answer. Forty minutes after the treatment, my feet really feels softer. Soo happy.. My next thought? I hope the callouse won't come back with a vengeance...

Well it's been almost two weeks today, and so far so good. It still feels soft with the help of my foot lotions. Yes, I will definitely do it again. Perhaps try the one in Manila. If not for anything else, the laugh therapy will do.

Sunday, April 19, 2009


It was my second time in Penang. Last summer was my first time and I had a blast going around this place. What’s so fascinating about this place is that a part of the city had kept its old world charm while the other part is already modern. But what I enjoyed the most is their “hawker food.” This state will not be the food capital of Malaysia for nothing. Hokkien Mee, assam laksa, char koay teow and curry.. just thinking of them makes me hungry.

Well, this summer since we stayed a few days only, we just had a food trip and shopping!! Gurney Plaza is just beside G Hotel which gives exclusive passage to its neighbor condominium, it became very convenient for us to go and shop as we please. What we discovered is that prices here are cheaper compared to Philippines, Singapore and Hong Kong. Esprit, make-up, Kerastase, bags and some international restaurants are cheaper! But of course, designs and brands are limited compared to other places. So when we see something we want, we buy!!! Hehe.

What I miss now is the green tea ice cream cone and donut with Durian filling sold in Gurney Plaza basement. And the Fish head curry that my sister cooked. Oh, its so yummy!!

Carcinogens in kids products!

Before anything else, have you read this? It is really surprising to know that these baby products have ingredients such as formaldehyde and other stuffs that can be harmful to us. When we see baby products esp. from a good company, we normally assume that its safe. A small amount they say to serve as preservatives, but each exposure may develop bigger reaction. Perhaps they have to include these in their labels and it'll be up to the consumers to decide!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy to be back!!

I'm back! What a way to spend the holiday.. and my birthday. I'm tired right now but very happy. Just got back from Malaysia (Penang and Langkawi) and Singapore. It's my first time in Langkawi, 2nd time in Penang and the nth time in Singapore, but in every trip I get to learn something new. i will try to post again soon.