Sunday, April 19, 2009


It was my second time in Penang. Last summer was my first time and I had a blast going around this place. What’s so fascinating about this place is that a part of the city had kept its old world charm while the other part is already modern. But what I enjoyed the most is their “hawker food.” This state will not be the food capital of Malaysia for nothing. Hokkien Mee, assam laksa, char koay teow and curry.. just thinking of them makes me hungry.

Well, this summer since we stayed a few days only, we just had a food trip and shopping!! Gurney Plaza is just beside G Hotel which gives exclusive passage to its neighbor condominium, it became very convenient for us to go and shop as we please. What we discovered is that prices here are cheaper compared to Philippines, Singapore and Hong Kong. Esprit, make-up, Kerastase, bags and some international restaurants are cheaper! But of course, designs and brands are limited compared to other places. So when we see something we want, we buy!!! Hehe.

What I miss now is the green tea ice cream cone and donut with Durian filling sold in Gurney Plaza basement. And the Fish head curry that my sister cooked. Oh, its so yummy!!

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