Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Summer Plans '09

I guess my header is okay for now. The O.C.side of me wants to change some things, but.. I'll be busy so...

Anyway, last week was the culminating exercise of Sage and this week is the start of our vacation. At long last!

What are our plans for summer? Well, we shall go to Malaysia and Singapore. When we come back, enroll Sage in a swimming class. And perhaps taekwondo, although I still have to look around for a good school. I have to start teaching him Math, Chinese and Tagalog. Chinese and Filipino are really important -- and of course, I don't want him to fail in class next year.

I went to different bookstores the other day to buy him activity books. Math activity books-- there are so many to choose from. I was able to buy 5. Filipino books? Not much. I want to buy a fun, story book so I can teach him conversational Tagalog. And am I so happy to find some in Fully Booked. I bought these 2 books.

Whats nice about them is that they are already in 2 languages - English and Tagalog - so Sage can know right away what it means. And they have drawings to make it more interesting. The ampalaya book is kind of hard for him but the Mayang uhaw is just okay for a 5 yr old. We are now on page 6. Haha!! Slow, I know. First, I ask him to read - making sure he reads them properly. Second, I explain everything to him. Third, ask him questions from what he read. Haay!!

By the way, here's the website of Adarna House. They even ship internationally!!


Sunday, March 29, 2009

blog header

Whew! What do you think of my header? My internet line was cut off earlier so I just decided to do this. I'll
check again tomorrow. It's already 5:30 am, can't think straight....

Spoonflower Customizable Fabric

This is so cool. I found a website where you can upload a pattern or picture that you like and Spoonflower will print it onto fabric for you. And there's no minimum order. only $18 per yard and they print it on quality quilting-weight cotton!!! well, okay check it for yourself...

Well, if you are not yet convinced check out the flickr pool of some of the awesome designs!http://www.flickr.com/groups/spoonflower/pool/
Here are some of my favorites, (I'm not even done browsing)...

the possibilities are endless.. Now, all I have ro do is think of a nice design...

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Ay, caramba!

Ay, caramba is the new expression of Sage. He said he got it from Felipe of Handy Manny, although it reminded me of Bart Simpson. I think Bart uses it as an expression of surprise or shock, or even to replace vulgar words. Sage actually say it in a very adorable way but I wonder if he really knows what it means.

He had practice today for their culminating activity. When it was time to go home, I heared some of his classmates also starting to say this expression. Their parents may not find it as adorable.

Nothing... I'm just rambling because I feel that Sage is really growing fast. When he was 3 yrs old, he likes to say, "oh, men" from Swiper the Fox of Dora The Explorer. and now its Ay, Caramba! I wonder what it would be next time...

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

gathering dust helps clean the house

Last night as we were preparing to sleep, i told Sage:

me: We will meet with auntie tomorrow, let's give them your old crocs na.
Sage: Why should we? It helps you clean the house.
Me: Huh? How?
Sage: Remember, you always tell me it is just there gathering dust. Then, it helps you clean the house.

Hayy, I know he's not trying to be "pilosopo." Gathering dust is so vague. Have you tried explaining to a kid that not all things should be taken literally? Raining cats and dogs, break a leg and butterflies in your stomach... I don't know where to start.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Wild Blueberries -- the #1 antioxidant fruit

Now, I am searching for the health benefits of wild blueberries. I’m surprised that this superfruit is not as known as the granny apple or cranberries, when its sooo jam packed with good things for us. Anyway, I’m sharing with you these things and perhaps you would also like to try them.

First, this is the site of the Wyman brand that I bought http://www.wymans.biz/sitemap.php . It could be biased so I searched some more and found this very informative site. http://www.wildblueberries.com/
It has all the info that I need and more. Well, here are some of the important things I’ve learned:

a.) Unlike highbush cultivated blueberries, Wild Blueberries are not planted. These lowbush
blueberries are primarily spread by rhizomes or underground runners, which give rise to
new roots and stems. All shoots arising from the same rhizome system have similar characteristics and are referred to as a blueberry clone.

b.) Wild Blueberries may be small but they pack a healthy punch! Sweet, tangy and intensely blue, Wild Blueberries are rich in phytonutrients — antioxidants such as anthocyanin, as well as anti-inflammatories. These natural substances, found in fruits and vegetables, are believed to protect against disease and promote healthy aging… and with their powerful natural antioxidant qualities, Wild Blueberries are at the top of the antioxidant “A-list”! Here’s why antioxidants are such a hot topic today: they help our bodies protect against disease and age-related health risks. Every day, our cells wage a battle against free radicals - unstable oxygen molecules associated with cancer, heart disease and the effects of aging. Dietary antioxidants come to the rescue. These phytonutrients, natural substances found in fruits and vegetables, neutralize free radicals and help prevent cell damage. Antioxidants also protect against inflammation, thought to be a leading factor in brain aging, Alzheimer’s disease and other diseases of aging. The potent antioxidants found in Wild Blueberries include flavonoids and other phenolics such as anthocyanins; Wild Blueberries are higher in anthocyanin content than other fruits and vegetables.

c.) Potent antioxidants are highly concentrated in the deep-blue pigments of Wild Blueberries. Scientists around the world are studying the ways in which the Power of Blue may help combat disease and promote healthy aging. The many potential health benefits of Wild Blueberries include:

0 Brain Health: Ongoing brain research shows that blueberries may improve motor skills and actually
reverse the short-term memory loss that comes with aging, making blueberries a natural “brain food.”
0 Cancer Prevention: Research shows that blueberry compounds may inhibit all stages of cancer.
0 Heart Health: Research indicates that blueberries may protect against heart disease and damage from stroke.
0 Urinary Tract Health: Like cranberries, blueberries may help prevent urinary tract infections.
0Vision Health: Research around the world has indicated that blueberries may improve night vision and prevent tired eyes.

d.) In a recent test by Glycemic Index Laboratories, Inc., Wild Blueberries scored 53
on the Glycemic Index (GI) scale making them a low GI food. Consuming low GI foods causes a smaller rise in blood glucose levels than consuming high GI foods — an important consideration for people with diabetes.

Understanding the glycemic values of food makes healthy meal planning easier — especially for people with diabetes. Nutritionists are also interested in the effect GI foods may have on weight loss and appetite control. Research is currently under way to evaluate these claims.

e.) The FDA has concluded that frozen fruits and vegetables are just as healthy as fresh and may even retain their nutritional value longer — which is good news for consumers who want the Power of Blue™ every day.

After reading all these, I think you will also be convinced to give this superfruit a try. I'm sure I'll be going back to get my second pack. Perhaps try the organic ones if they are the wild ones. In this super hot summer that we have, a yummy and healthy smoothie will be perfect!!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

healthy and yummy -- why not??

I remember last summer during our visit to my sister’s house in Malaysia, she made a blueberry smoothie which we all (children and adults alike) slurped to the last drop. These are preserved blueberries which she has lovingly hand- carried from the U.S. All I know is that they are good for the health and an anti oxidant.

Last month, I saw fresh and preserved blueberries in Santi’s Tagaytay. Since we are not yet going straight home, I promised myself to buy the next time we come back. Last week, I saw some frozen packs in S&R. They have the wild blueberries, the organic pack, and the mixed berries pack. Hmm… so what’s the difference? I don’t know much about berries except for the sweet memories I had in Malaysia. What’s the difference of the plain blueberries vs the wild one? We all know that organic is better but it is much expensive and I’m not even sure if we will like them. I finally chose the Wyman’s wild blueberries. The wild blueberries doesn’t have the strong blueberry flavor and smell that we often taste in cheesecakes or preserves. It has a very mild flavor.

Anyway, I made a wild blueberry smoothie yesterday. I put 2 cups of the wild blueberries, 2 big bananas, few slices of melon, yoghurt, honey, 1 lemon and ice. Put in the blender for a few minutes. And my son love it so much!!! It made around 5 cups. It has a nice ube color when freshly made but after an hour it will become a little brown in color. Make sure to make only the right amount. I know better next time.

I looked at the packaging and read that wild blueberries is nature’s #1 antioxidant fruit. In fact, in the chart, it is remarkably higher compared to the cultured blueberries and cranberries and other berries and granny apples. Hmm, this is really interesting.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Abracadabra and Please -- What do they have in common?

Sage: Open this.
Me: Huh?
Sage: Open this.
Me: I think you are forgetting the magic words…

I'm waiting for him to say one of the magic words (pls, thank you, sorry) in that teeny weeny voice of his when he knows he has done something wrong. Although sometimes, instead of saying the correct magic word he deliberately interchange them.

Me: If you want me to open that, you have to say the magic word.
Sage: Alakazam?

I was taken aback but amused. Hmm… yeah, alacazam is a magic word…

Me: No! (pretending to be serious) That's not it. Think carefully…
Sage: Abracadabra???? (in his teeny weeny voice with a serious innocent expression)
Me: SAGE!!!!

Well, come to think of it... they are also magic words.

Monday, March 2, 2009

First Visit to the Dentist

We went to the dentist right after a birthday party last feb.15, 2009. Basil and I had our cleaning. When it was Sage’s turn, he bravely sat there and asked dentist so many questions. The dentist was surprised that it was his first visit since it was rare to see a child’s teeth without any cavity at all. She was even more surprised to learn that you started brushing by yourself when you turned 3 ½ yrs old. Here are some of the things we learned during our visit:

a.) We don’t have to put too much toothpaste. Small amount is enough.
b.) After brushing our teeth, children don’t have to wash off the toothpaste anymore. Toothpaste has fluoride which protects the teeth and makes them stronger. No effect to adults anymore.
c.) Children don’t need mouthwash yet.
d.) Dentist confirmed that electronic toothbrush is better than manual toothbrush.

What was his comment? “Going to the dentist isn't as bad as I thought it would be.”

And Sage went home happily with stickers.