Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Abracadabra and Please -- What do they have in common?

Sage: Open this.
Me: Huh?
Sage: Open this.
Me: I think you are forgetting the magic words…

I'm waiting for him to say one of the magic words (pls, thank you, sorry) in that teeny weeny voice of his when he knows he has done something wrong. Although sometimes, instead of saying the correct magic word he deliberately interchange them.

Me: If you want me to open that, you have to say the magic word.
Sage: Alakazam?

I was taken aback but amused. Hmm… yeah, alacazam is a magic word…

Me: No! (pretending to be serious) That's not it. Think carefully…
Sage: Abracadabra???? (in his teeny weeny voice with a serious innocent expression)
Me: SAGE!!!!

Well, come to think of it... they are also magic words.

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