Wednesday, March 4, 2009

healthy and yummy -- why not??

I remember last summer during our visit to my sister’s house in Malaysia, she made a blueberry smoothie which we all (children and adults alike) slurped to the last drop. These are preserved blueberries which she has lovingly hand- carried from the U.S. All I know is that they are good for the health and an anti oxidant.

Last month, I saw fresh and preserved blueberries in Santi’s Tagaytay. Since we are not yet going straight home, I promised myself to buy the next time we come back. Last week, I saw some frozen packs in S&R. They have the wild blueberries, the organic pack, and the mixed berries pack. Hmm… so what’s the difference? I don’t know much about berries except for the sweet memories I had in Malaysia. What’s the difference of the plain blueberries vs the wild one? We all know that organic is better but it is much expensive and I’m not even sure if we will like them. I finally chose the Wyman’s wild blueberries. The wild blueberries doesn’t have the strong blueberry flavor and smell that we often taste in cheesecakes or preserves. It has a very mild flavor.

Anyway, I made a wild blueberry smoothie yesterday. I put 2 cups of the wild blueberries, 2 big bananas, few slices of melon, yoghurt, honey, 1 lemon and ice. Put in the blender for a few minutes. And my son love it so much!!! It made around 5 cups. It has a nice ube color when freshly made but after an hour it will become a little brown in color. Make sure to make only the right amount. I know better next time.

I looked at the packaging and read that wild blueberries is nature’s #1 antioxidant fruit. In fact, in the chart, it is remarkably higher compared to the cultured blueberries and cranberries and other berries and granny apples. Hmm, this is really interesting.

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