Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Summer Plans '09

I guess my header is okay for now. The O.C.side of me wants to change some things, but.. I'll be busy so...

Anyway, last week was the culminating exercise of Sage and this week is the start of our vacation. At long last!

What are our plans for summer? Well, we shall go to Malaysia and Singapore. When we come back, enroll Sage in a swimming class. And perhaps taekwondo, although I still have to look around for a good school. I have to start teaching him Math, Chinese and Tagalog. Chinese and Filipino are really important -- and of course, I don't want him to fail in class next year.

I went to different bookstores the other day to buy him activity books. Math activity books-- there are so many to choose from. I was able to buy 5. Filipino books? Not much. I want to buy a fun, story book so I can teach him conversational Tagalog. And am I so happy to find some in Fully Booked. I bought these 2 books.

Whats nice about them is that they are already in 2 languages - English and Tagalog - so Sage can know right away what it means. And they have drawings to make it more interesting. The ampalaya book is kind of hard for him but the Mayang uhaw is just okay for a 5 yr old. We are now on page 6. Haha!! Slow, I know. First, I ask him to read - making sure he reads them properly. Second, I explain everything to him. Third, ask him questions from what he read. Haay!!

By the way, here's the website of Adarna House. They even ship internationally!!


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