Sunday, May 31, 2009

Profile photo

It's the start of June and I have finally made an interesting profile. For some time now, I've been looking for something really wow and attractive that would somehow make you see a side of me. Well, I finally found this very nice illustrator vector by Createsk8. Thank you very much!!! Check out her site you'll see so many great works that just might trigger your artistic side like what happened to me.

So, this is the Illustrator Vector that I have downloaded:

and I played around with my photoshop and viola!!

Why I chose and made it like this? First, I love swirls and curls and birds and nature. And just recently, I've been reading a few articles and blogs about going green.. Well, I guess its also time for me to start doing my part. I want Sage and my grandchilren to see how nice the world is. I have wanted the profile to be green and brown but it doesn't give much emphasis to the illustration.. but I'm happy with how it is right now. What do you think?

Friday, May 22, 2009

How Does Your Child See You?

As I was having brunch with Sage today, he began telling me stories about Basil. I jokingly asked him, “Can I be Daddy?”

Sage: If you want to be daddy, you have to act like Daddy.
Nutmeg: What is Daddy like?

Sage: Well, let’s see. (thinking)
First, you have to talk like a big adult boy.
Second, you have to take a bath 4 times a day, 2 in the morning and 2 in the evening.
Third, you have to move fast, esp. when you eat… super fast.
Fourth, after you play DS, you don’t switch it off. You just leave it
with the yellow lights blinking till you play with it again.

Nutmeg: Okay, so those are the things that will make me Daddy?
Sage: Yup. Ooh, and one more thing, you have to get angry like Daddy.

I could have asked more questions but Basil entered the room.

These are observations made by a 5 year old boy. Funny, how a child sees us. Children may seem so young and innocent but they always have a simple and honest opinion about the things around them. If I were to ask your child, how do you think he’ll describe you?

Monday, May 11, 2009

Another Good Reason Why We Should Give Our Child a Name That We Really Like

When Sage started going to school, I gain a new set of acquaintance; mommies, daddies and grandmas of his classmates. We see each other almost everyday as we fetch our children and also during birthday parties on weekends. But one thing I’ve noticed, we know each other by our children’s name, “mommy of Sage, dad of Patricia, grandma of Kyle.” Or if you have to introduce yourself, you say “I’m Megan, mom of Sage.” And they’ll know you. Good thing I really like Sage's name otherwise it’ll be irritating to be called as such.

Tsk, tsk… when I got married 7 yrs ago, I lost my last name. It took me sometime to get used to using Basil’s last name. Now, I am also losing my first name. I have to attach “mommy of Sage.” before or after my name. And it’ll take a few more years before I get my first name back w/o the attachment. Thank God for Friendster and Facebook where I still get to use my own name.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Andaman Langkawi

Where did we stay in Langkawi? The Andaman Hotel. It is a nice cozy hotel with natural landscape and peaceful environment. They gave us a welcome drink and children were given a sun visor with sunglasses attached. How cool is that?

Anyway, our room is nice but we were advised not to leave the porch door open or the monkeys might go in and who knows what they will do? No, this is not a joke. It happened, but not all the time. Rainforest, remember?
The room is simple and nice for me but we have been expecting something more for its price. My sister who is quite O.C. in cleanliness keeps on pointing certain things like the stain on the curtain and insects splat on the bathroom door. Well, she’s right. Bugs here and there are expected, but if its already squeezed between the door for some time… it should be cleaned and removed. Anyway, here are the pictures of our room:

Since it’s raining cats and dogs, we decided to have an early dinner and early rest so that we can have an early start the following day. We arrived at The Restaurant around 6 p.m. and waited around an hour and a half for our food. Good thing the food of the children were served earlier so only us adults were left hungry. After we have followed up 3 times, only then that we were informed they were having trouble in the kitchen. The whole resto was filled with customers and nobody was eating. Good thing it was raining hard and there’s nothing else to do. Haay!!

Next day was our beach day. The children were excited to play in the sand. We used a canoe and went to the seas. It was fun and we even fed a few fish. You can stand in the water, put bread and some fish will come near. It was a peaceful place where children can roam around.

I honestly prefer a white sand beach such as Boracay over a brown sand beach. But it was still a good stay and the staff were all friendly. It is a place to relax and rejuvenate. I will come back if given the chance.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Cable Car - Mount Mat Cincang

Okay, so you've never been to Langkawi if you didn't visit their cable car. We came here the second day but it started to rain, so we went back the day we were going back to Penang. It is really worth the trip and I enjoyed the breath taking view above the steel bridge.

The first cable-car ride took us a few hundred feet up where we saw the green rainforest below. At the side was the Telaga Tujuh Waterfalls. After around 600 meters, the cable car reaches the first station. It was okay but we were really wanting to see the steel bridge.

So, off we went to the second cable car ride. Honestly, I was starting to get anxious but I have to hide this so as not to alarm the 3 kids. After the short ride, we have to go down several staircases. Hmm... and the people going up are all out of breath. This is going to be exciting. The oldest of the 3 children, my 8 yrs old nephew, was the one who is afraid. Oh, my sister and I have to be brave for him. haha..

When we reached the bridge, it has a super magnificent sight of the surrounding horizon - you'll see the sky, island's landscape and the seas. The steel bridge is suspended across Mount Mat Cincang and a neighbouring mountain. Walking on the bridge is a super, duper fantastic experience.

Now, we have to go up the stairs to ride the cable cars. No wonder the people were out of breath. When we got to the cable car, were sweating. We were not prepared for this morning exercise. But it's okay, it was all woth it!!

Dataran Lang (Eagle Square) langkawi

Next stop is the Dataran Lang (Eagle Square). It is in Kuah Jetty Eagle Square that one can see a giant red eagle suspended in mid-flight. The square is a good place to walk around as this mini park has ponds and bridges where children can run around and feel the sea breeze on their faces. Here are some pictures:

Of course, we went to the malls. Unfortunately, we didn’t see anything that caught our fancy. And I always complain because all the comfort rooms in the different malls are paid comfort rooms. It’s not even great or clean. Aren’t malls supposed to provide free comfort rooms to their shoppers? If they want, they can put few free ones and several paid nice ones. That would be okay. If I’m not satisfied with the free ones, then it is my choice to pay. I’m sorry to be ranting about this thing, but I’m one of those people who frequently go to the comfort room and so I easily get irritated with these things.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Underwater World Langkawi and

We went to Langkawi via Firefly. We were glad we made this choice. Firefly is a low cost airline of Malaysia but the service is good. When you ride AirAsia, you have to pay extra to be able to walk to the airplane earlier than the rest but it doesnt mean you'll get a good seat. It'll depend on how fast you walk going to the airplane and get a seat. It made me feel that we werein Amazing Race. In Firefly, you have an assigned seat so you can rest well while waiting for the flight.

When we got to Langkawi our rented car was already there. Our first stop was the Underwater World Langkawi. It is a marine aquarium which houses thousands of aquatic and some reptile and mammal species. We enjoyed the place and it reminded me of Ocean Park in HongKong and Underwater World of Singapore. The 3 children kept on pointing to the different species. Perhaps the only not good thing here is their 3D show. We waited almost 45 mins. for the show. Sorry to say but it was a waste of time. here are some pictures we have taken..

Sunday, April 26, 2009


I am now liking a fashion brand that I saw in Parkson in Gurney Plaza. What caught my eye is its distinct and original style. Fresh, fun and funky. The mix of its fabric and pattern are sooo interesting. Oh I know, Basil will complain if he sees me wearing something like this; but it's the design, my dear.

I also saw two Desigual stores in Singapore. I really hate myself for wanting to go back to the one near our hotel because they have a sale, only that I was not able to return.I wonder if they have this in the Philippines already? Although now I'm thinking: the designs are so different and so.. It's either it'll look good on you or it won't.. So better try it on first...