Sunday, May 3, 2009

Underwater World Langkawi and

We went to Langkawi via Firefly. We were glad we made this choice. Firefly is a low cost airline of Malaysia but the service is good. When you ride AirAsia, you have to pay extra to be able to walk to the airplane earlier than the rest but it doesnt mean you'll get a good seat. It'll depend on how fast you walk going to the airplane and get a seat. It made me feel that we werein Amazing Race. In Firefly, you have an assigned seat so you can rest well while waiting for the flight.

When we got to Langkawi our rented car was already there. Our first stop was the Underwater World Langkawi. It is a marine aquarium which houses thousands of aquatic and some reptile and mammal species. We enjoyed the place and it reminded me of Ocean Park in HongKong and Underwater World of Singapore. The 3 children kept on pointing to the different species. Perhaps the only not good thing here is their 3D show. We waited almost 45 mins. for the show. Sorry to say but it was a waste of time. here are some pictures we have taken..

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