Monday, May 11, 2009

Another Good Reason Why We Should Give Our Child a Name That We Really Like

When Sage started going to school, I gain a new set of acquaintance; mommies, daddies and grandmas of his classmates. We see each other almost everyday as we fetch our children and also during birthday parties on weekends. But one thing I’ve noticed, we know each other by our children’s name, “mommy of Sage, dad of Patricia, grandma of Kyle.” Or if you have to introduce yourself, you say “I’m Megan, mom of Sage.” And they’ll know you. Good thing I really like Sage's name otherwise it’ll be irritating to be called as such.

Tsk, tsk… when I got married 7 yrs ago, I lost my last name. It took me sometime to get used to using Basil’s last name. Now, I am also losing my first name. I have to attach “mommy of Sage.” before or after my name. And it’ll take a few more years before I get my first name back w/o the attachment. Thank God for Friendster and Facebook where I still get to use my own name.


L Avery Brown said...

I really liked your post! I too have been relegated to "Mrs. Jessica's Mom" I know one day I'll miss that title...

I look forward to reading your posts in the future and have added you to my favorite sites. I do hope you'll stop by my site and peruse one or two of my posts as they are also written with the sentiment that can only come from a woman's point of view. Much luck in your future writing endeavors.

Betty said...

Hi... I'm Mo's mom. Mo because half the world can't pronounce Moirah.